Spoked Couriers

Spoked Couriers is a locally owned and operated delivery service specializing in on-demand deliveries 7 days a week. Our current roster of riders has years of courier experience delivering food, retail, documents, and just about anything that we can strap to our backs and racks.

Our mission is to create close partnerships with our clients that will help them grow their business by reaching a larger customer base. This allows us to bring the customer a wide array of quality food choices and retail products. Connecting the local community stimulates our local economy and we all win!

On top of that, we offer pick-up and delivery services for anything you may need. Have a box that needs to head across town? Sick, stuck on the couch and need someone to go pick up that prescription? Want to send flowers to your sweetie? We’ve got you covered.

Want more info? Call us anytime at (314) 635-7343.